Toyota wants to be seen as a champion for all the ways we move: over the next decade, they've committed to developing technology that will allow people to achieve full mobility beyond the confines of car manufacturing. In my role as creative lead and senior art director on the content and platform team, I worked with Saatchi & Saatchi LA to help build a brand narrative which covers the impossible stories of paraolympic athletes, everyday men and women from ages 1 to 100, to show that with great innovation, anything is possible. 

TV / Content

As a Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Partner, Toyota aimed to inspire people all around the globe by telling the stories of elite athletes and everyday people who push toward their personal finish lines and face the "Impossible". The anthemic spot dropped at the Superbowl focuses on Toyota’s evolution as a mobility brand, with longform stories of athletes who've overcome the impossible to featured throughout and beyond the 2018 Winter Olympics.


We developed an online platform around stories of the impossible and the future of mobility-focused products. In my role I worked on the design of everything from Product Pages to Athlete Stories and a Global Navigation system for the site across devices. The ultimate aim for web (currently being developed) is for the site to be completely compliant with accessibility standards, further underscoring Toyota' commitment to Mobility For All.

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