BBQ Films is an event production company in NYC that began as a casual rooftop BBQ + movie night in Harlem among friends and evolved into elaborately conceived, pop-up screenings in extraordinary locations. Today, each BBQ Films event draws unique audiences ranging from 200 to 1,000 ticketed guests using meticulous storytelling as a vehicle to build community and a nostalgic vibe around our cult favorites including The Fifth Element (Holiday on the Phloston Paradise), American Psycho (Patrick Bateman's 27th Birthday), Back to the Future’s (Enchantment Under the Sea Dance (above) or Empire Records for Rex Manning Day (below).


With live entertainment, curated brand partnerships and interactive installations, BBQ's all-volunteer led "film crew" bring an element of surprise and excitement to an engaging moviegoing experience unlike like any other for attendees. Whether I was art directing custom swag or getting into full character as a costumed actor, it is a passion project for which I have been proud to play a part. As Visual Brand Director, my role extended to set fabrication, design, and the introduction of limited-edition illustrations created by handpicked artists (of which I often was) at each event. 


ABOVE (in rotation) - Limited edition event posters by The HR. Dept. include a double-sided print for Griswold Family Christmas (a triple feature for the holidays which included Gremlins, Elf and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation), a double-sided print for Patrick Bateman's 27th Birthday (American Psycho), print for Holiday on the Fhloston Paradise (The Fifth Element), as well as Monzorro created double-sided prints for Foot Clan Tryout (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and a single print for The Enchantment Under The Sea Dance (Back to the Future).

BELOW (from top left to right) - Promo piece for American Psycho, a typical audience at Griswold Family Christmas, Patrick's "business card" from American Psycho, a promo graphic for Griswold Family Christmas, Senior Girls at Dazed and Confused, free popcorn at every screening, a promo piece for Back to the Future, HR as The Clocktower Lady in Back To The Future. 


TEAM   BBQ Films Directors and Film Crew   Gabriel Rhoads, Lauryn Lickus, Lenny Platt, Leah Taylor, Katherine McMahon, Marley Magaziner, Naomi Piercey, Alex Dunbar, Staton Piercey, Hayley Mace                                       
ROLE     Director (company)  visual design, illustration, set styling, fabrication