NIke women | #Betterforit


Nike wanted to connect with fans on a relatable level and tap into the average athlete's insecurities and get real about how women really feel about working out. To bring this honest narrative to life, we launched a content campaign with a global brand initiative: come to get inspired, leave to get #betterforit. Simply put, it's about going through something hard and coming out stronger on the other side.



Partnering with Wieden + Kennedy, whose spots launched the campaign (included for context above and at right), we commissioned talented artists to create content entered around strength and humor. As Associate Creative Director, I led campaign strategy and art directed Nike's first custom Tumblr; a collection of custom illustration, photography and gifs that challenge fans to push outside their comfort zones with confidence, whether training for a marathon or simply running a block further than the week before. 


Nike's ongoing evolution from inspiring women to 'just do it' to enabling them to improve through a digital ecosystem of engagement has built a worldwide community of users in the process.

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TEAM    Conscious Minds    Cameron DeArmond, Veronica Turner, Michael Bishop, Drew Shafer        
ROLE     Associate Creative Director    art direction, content creation, strategy, copy