ChapStick has always been a reliable standby; it's the Kleenex of lip balm, if you will.  While at R/GA, my team worked to spark conversation around the ChapStick, with an integrated brand campaign that began first, with a reexamination of its classic logo, then extended exploration of the brand narrative to print, out of home and cheeky social content. We encouraged fans to debate, joke and above all to share stories of their ChapSticks and the lives they lead while using them. In doing so, ChapStick enthusiasts collectively became the brand voice of a product that's quite literally "on everyone's lips".  Awww. Aw.


TEAM    R/GA   Andrew Payton, Cyrus Vantoch-Wood, Audrey Attal, Alvaro Masa                                      
ROLE    Visual Designer    art direction, design, conceptual development